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Our content moderation app for Slack detects, marks, and removes toxic content from the Slack channel. Slack bot ensures that communication in Your digital workspace is safe and appropriate. It has never been easier!

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How does it work?

  1. Install Slack bot
  2. Invite Slack bot to Your desired channel (type @EasyCMT)
  3. Upload an image or write a text
  4. Slack bot checks the content for NSFW and toxicity
  5. Slack bot replies to a thread about violated guidelines

Privacy policy

Slack bot collects:

  • Wokspace ID, title
  • Encrypted tokens

Slack bot does not collect any of moderated photos or texts

You can find our full privacy policy here

FAQ about Slack content moderation

Sadly, you can only adjust who’s allowed to post to channels or use mentions that notify all channel members. However, this doesn’t guarantee that allowed to post members will not deliver a negative message, even if unintentionally. Despite that, our Slack bot will block all the negative messages from any member.

Unfortunately, Slack doesn’t allow you to block the exact words or images. Meanwhile blocking is a feature that users have requested for years. Thus, our Slack bot blocks all the toxic messages regarding the words and images.

Slack bot recognizes toxic images which contains nudity, violence, drugs, tobbaco, hate symbols, visual disturbance. Our app also recognizes toxicity and offensive words in 7 languages: english, italian, french, russian, portuguese, spanish and turkish.


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