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Clean up your marketplace

Make your marketplace spotless with the Marketplace Content Moderation Toolkit by EasyFlow & Agmis.

Our always-on tools for marketplace content moderation automatically screens every image uploaded to your platform. It detects nudity, harmful content, weapons and other content that goes against your policy. The platform also checks product titles to prevent ALL CAPS and usage of unwanted symbols. It also gives users the tools to enhance their product images.

Aesthetic content that matches the purpose of the website will encourage users to upload more content or repeatedly visit the website. Quality content is also captured by the “Google” search engine, ranking the site with good quality content in a more attractive search position. 


Why us?

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Key Features

Marketplace content moderation toolkit scans every uploaded image for unwanted content – be it nudity, self-harm, drugs or weapons. It prevents unwanted content from appearing on your platform.

The platform scans product titles and descriptions to prevent using ALL CAPS, hate speech, potentially fraudulent postings before they go live.

The platform provides additional image enhancement tools to remove picture backgrounds, add custom backgrounds or add a watermark with the logo of a particular user or store, helping the content to stand-out.

The platform can be customized to block the content according to your user policy. Simply provide us with a batch of unwanted content images your moderators have blocked, and we will train our AI models to block such content in the future.

Our marketplace content moderation platform comes with an easy-to-use dashboard, where you can monitor platform performance and create custom rules for content moderation.​

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How does it work?

Marketplace Content Moderation Toolkit integrates via an API. It works in the background without users even noticing it. The platform uses cutting-edge Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms to prevent unwanted content from appearing on your platform.

Image recognition.

The platform screens every uploaded product image for unwanted content - be it nudity, weapons, drugs or copyrighted items. The platform also scans for duplicate posts of the same item, preventing users from creating multiple postings. The platform automatically prevents unwanted images from appearing on the marketplace.

Text recognition.

The platform scans for hate speech or potential fraud. It also prevents using ALL CAPS or unwanted symbols in product titles and product descriptions.

Image enhancement.

The platform provides additional image enhancement tools, allowing users to remove picture background, add custom background or a watermark logo of their store. These features can be provided as value-added-services to premium users, helping to differentiate their products in the marketplace.

Marketplace Content Moderation Workflow

Our tools for marketplace content moderation can work in an automated, assisted or manual mode.

Automated mode

Our marketplace content moderation platform works in the background and blocks all unwanted content on its own. Human moderators can review the decisions the platform has made in the platform dashboard. They can overrule the platform decisions later on.

Assisted mode

The marketplace content moderation platform blocks the content where it is highly certain that it breaches the user policy of the marketplace. In cases where the platform cannot commit to a decision with an absolute certainty, it assigns a probability score (e.g. weapons - 85%). Such content is allowed to be posted on the platform, but a human moderator receives a notification to review this posting as soon as possible. This mode helps to prioritize the work of human moderators, shifting their attention to postings that require additional oversight.

Manual mode

The platform assigns probability scores to the content that requires human moderator attention. It does not block any content on its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketplace is a lively place – think town bazaar, with sellers employing every tactic to attract buyers attention. Without moderation, marketplaces are quickly overrun by spam, duplicate posts, unwanted products and illegal items. This hampers the user experience. Users will quickly tire of browsing through the trash and move elsewhere – where they can actually enjoy their shopping experience and discover well presented products in fever clicks.

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for marketplace content moderation. By utilizing image recognition, AI-powered platforms can prevent unwanted content from being posted on your platform. This shifts the moderation focus from removing to preventing unwanted content before it appears. Even in the assisted mode of operations, AI content moderation will prioritize the work of human moderators, inviting their attention to the postings where the platform suspects a user policy breach.

By default our platform can prevent posting nudity, harm, weapons or drugs. It can also identify duplicate postings for the same item. In terms of textual recognition, it can filter out curse words, hate speech, prevent ALL CAPS postings and usage of unwanted symbols in product descriptions and post titles.

We can train our algorithms to identify unwanted content for your particular use case. To put it simply, if you can provide a batch of images or textual content you have previously removed from your platform, we can train our models to identify such content in the future.

For a small marketplace even in a fully automated mode, a human content moderator would be required to monitor platform decisions. However, AI marketplace content moderation can significantly reduce the man-hours required for platform moderation. Our content moderation platform will automatically remove most of the unwanted content. It will also highlight the suspicious items, where human moderator attention is required. Thus moderators will no longer have to review each and every posted item and will be able to quickly act when an unwanted content is posted.

Experts in Retail Image Recognition

Marketplace Content Moderation platform is developed by EasyFlow  & Agmis – an experts in retail image recognition. Our Computer Vision solutions for retail already help shopkeepers to prevent checkout fraud and improve self-checkout experience, improve shelf-restocking, manage queues or ensure planogram compliance. With the toolkit for marketplace content moderation, we are bringing our cutting-edge image recognition expertise to the ecommerce realm!

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