Cyberbullying is taking a toll on mental health –considering profanity filter as a salvation

cyberbullying solution - profanity filter

Let's dream of perfect browsing - reading interesting articles, intelligent and relevant comments, without the fear of getting involved in pointless and offensive discussions. Perhaps, this faraway dream can come true?

AI capabilities

The numbers show that there is a mismatch between the volume of UGC posted online and the capacity for human moderation. This brings us to content moderation automation as a solution for businesses willing to efficiently monitor their content.

Content moderation using AI can support human moderators in their review procedure and allow companies to scale faster given their resources. The capacity to accurately identify and quickly remove inappropriate content is essential to the safety and comfort of community members, as well as the overall reputation of your site.

There are many customized AI content moderation methods that can be used for moderation, with the exact solution depending on the content type, which we discussed in our previous article.

Content moderation systems have some limitations and are difficult to adjust according to needs, they block harmful words in general. As social or political circumstances change, new negative terms appear. Sometimes, a word that is positive by itself, in a certain context causes negative associations. So what other actions can be taken to improve the user experience?

Profanity filter or 'the blacklist'

Profanity filters are essentially filters that utilize algorithms to censor not only offensive words, and swears but also custom words. They usually have a long list of profane words. Whenever these words are used by members of a community or displayed in a motion picture, the algorithm automatically substitutes them with synonyms, replaces them with symbols, or mutes that section of the audio.

Profanity filters help create a more respectful, family-friendly, and inclusive internet experience. It is not foolproof protection against discrimination and offensive content, but an integral part of content moderation.

Again, profanity filters aren’t the final solution many make them out to be. But they’re a reliable way to cut down on profane content, allowing people to enjoy the internet. And they complement other content moderation tools really well.

Benefits of profanity filter

Gaming platforms

Player communication plays a large role in modern online gaming, creating a lot of potential for abuse. Profanity filters can be applied to text-based messaging in video games, such as private messaging between players and in-game text that is viewable to a wider audience (as in a game’s lobby before and after starting a match).

Dating Services

Communication is at the heart of every dating platform, and the quality of communication between members can have a direct impact on engagement, membership, and revenue. Profanity filters can be an effective first step in protecting your members from some toxic behaviors.


Illegal solicitations within marketplaces run the gamut from weapons and drugs to exotic animals. A keyword filter can help stop communication mentioning these terms, and anything else a marketplace would like to stop from being sold. However, savvy criminals will quickly find ways to circumvent filters.

Social platforms

Social platforms must deliberately create a safe and positive user experience if they wish to retain users, attract advertisers, and drive revenue. Content moderation within social platforms presents a great challenge because of the high volume of user-generated content paired with the context and method in which it is presented. Profanity filters can only help identify and remove the most basic forms of offensive speech.

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